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My Graduation! ✔ MBA in Project Management ✔

Right after graduating from university, I started an MBA in Project Management. It was a valuable 2 years of learning, researching, and analysing carefully several cases of study, from distinct perspectives, angles, and manners.

To be a manager is much more than just "scheduling tasks" to people. It's analyzing, planning, and working closely to the stakeholders during execution making sure all milestones are being completely accomplished. It's having a wide vision to the different areas. It's having the cleverness for switching tasks before the problem escalates. It's reducing the risk of overall failure, maximizing benefits, and minimizing costs. It's about being proactive and not passive.

The title of my Final Paper was: The Benefits of Agile Methodologies in Software Project Management. I fell in love with the subject! It was extremely rewarding to highlight points such as: customer satisfaction by early and continuous delivery of valuable software, focusing eminently into customer's business value.

Now I have a broader perspective toward every project I'm involved in. It was a excellent course with relevant takeaways! I'd like to thank my family and friends for supporting me in my dreams.