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I'm a System Analyst now!

After 3 years studying diligently, sacrificing myself, and abdicating of personal plans in order to acquire knowledge (classes, books, seminars), to refine my skills, and being involved in relevant discussions, I finally made it! Now I can be called a System Analyst!

The great takeaway from the college for me was:

How to NOT create a new software. The world is already full of software and doesn't need a brand new one. What the world needs instead are pragmatic solutions that will match thoroughly customers' needs, and through technology empower their business.

I have no doubts that all efforts will be rewarded at the right time. It was an incredible and important milestone in my life. I would like to thank my family for supporting me with such compasion throughout this challenging journey.

Graduation - System Analysis

Thrilled on receiving the diploma!!! It's time to celebrate!