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Matheus Gontijo   Shopware Developer   +13 years working with e-commerce   Speaker and unconference lover!   Blogger and technical writer   Clean Code, Architecture, OOP, Agile   PHP Day Brazil 2018 Organizer   Software Developer @ iMi digital   Big passions: community, open-source, PHP, Symfony, Linux, remote work & soccer
Matheus Gontijo - Shopware Developer

Shopware 6 is just incredible!

There are countless of reasons why Shopware is gaining so much traction worldwide and here are some of them:

Built upon rock-solid products like PHP, Symfony and Vue.js
Vibrant community from all over the world. Strong collaboration values
API-first making integrations easy such as mobile apps, marketplaces and POS.
Open Source philosophy
MIT license
Cutting-edge, modern, blazing fast and ready for the e-commerce future
Made with love from Shopware AG and brilliant software developers


I had the honor to be invited to speak in conferences & meetups all over the world. Here is the list of some of them.

Meet Magento
New York, USA Clean Code & Object Calisthenics
Austin, Texas, USA Clean Code & Object Calisthenics
Amsterdam Area, Netherlands Clean Code & Object Calisthenics
Interview with PHP creator: Rasmus Lerdorf
Curitiba, Brazil
Curitiba, Brazil Leadership & Event Organizer
PHP Experience
São Paulo, Brazil Soft-Skills - impact on dev's journey


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