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Speaking at Meet Magento - New York City

Matheus Gontijo New York City

The Event

Meet Magento Association promotes events throughout the world, gathering from merchants to developers, engaging partners, spreading knowledge and supporting the community. New York City was the host for the 2017 edition. The venue was very cool and it was located at Manhattan's heart.

I have a particular opinion that joining to these events are highly significant. Engineers, Project Managers, Consultans, CEO's, CTO's, Sales, Marketing and people from the most diverse parts of the ecosystem are present in a single spot. It's such great opportunity to make new connections, share valuable experiences, and mutual business strengthening.

My Talk

Although the event was not "technical-only", there were relevant amount of technical people. I shared in the "Tech Track" exercises that Software Developers might use to write a more mantainable code. I present the same talk few weeks before, in Mage Titans in Austin, Texas: Clean Code, Object Calisthenics & Best Practices. You can checkout the presentation slides here.

Matheus Gontijo Meet Magento New York

Matheus Gontijo Meet Magento New York
Matheus Gontijo Meet Magento New York


Amazing organization by MageMojo

The entire Mage Mojo team worked hard to make this event unique. They had an easy check-in process, clear communication with the speakers, and were extremely friendly from beggining to the end. They have done a very good job! Thanks for organizing, folks.

Cutting-edge venue

As mentioned, it was at Manhattan's Heart. New World Stages was located at 50th (between 9th and 8th). The venue was modern with big screens around the networking area, comfortable seats, and impressive stage lights.

New World Stages New York City

Photo credit to Plumrocket

Party Time!

After a full day of talks, networking and business? Attendees, speakers and certainly the staff need a party!!!

Meet Magento New York Party

Photo credit to Jamie Maria

City Tour

I went to the 86th floor of Empire Building (right where King Kong climbed!). The view from there is gorgeous!. It's possible to see the entire Manhattan: Central Park, the famous Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, several multinacional companies' headquarters, Liberty Statue & more. Personally, the most incredible side is Lower Manhattan, see the picture.

Empire Building view

Empire Building: at the 86th floor! Lower Manhattan view

Time Square

Times Square at night!

Brooklyn Bridge sunset

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge