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Speaking at Mage Titans - Austin, Texas

I was in Toronto, Canada but... let's go to TEXAS, baby!!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

The Event

Mage Titans

Magento Titans is a worldwide event, gathering the most brilliant minds of Magento world to the same place. Unlike other business conferences, the main focus here is to dig deeply into technical subjects. The event's motto is "an event for Magento developers, designed and curated by Magento developers".

The 2017 event in the USA took place in Austin, Texas. The city is also the capital of Texas and is well known for being the "Live Music Capital of the World".

My Talk

I talked about Clean Code, Object Calisthenics & Best Practices. When we go to soccer, basketball, MMA, or any sport, we realize that training is a key component of the culture. Nonetheless, in the programming world, it's not as popular. Greatness comes with practice, exercising, performing over and over again. Thus I brought together a collection (well, I really think so) of the "exercices" for the Magento community. You can checkout the presentation slides here and the recorded video.

Clean Code Object Calisthenics Talk Mage Titans


Good quality speakers

As I said in the beggining of the post, brilliant minds of the ecosystem were around, talking, discussing and hanging out. I believe it's extremely important being in such environment, not only to listen to the talks, but to connect and have a good time with speakers throughout the day: discussing relevant subjects, asking tough questions, and engaging.

Made Demo

For the first time, there were a set of live presentations on the stage of 15 minutes each, with "no powerpoint" allowed, just live demo. The idea was to create a moment of innovation where developers would present some new features, bringing new ideas to the ecosystem. The best demo was judged by the audience. The prize for the 1st was $500 and 2nd $100.

Affordable Price

It's important to have as many people as possible. Starting from ≈$200 early bird to ≈$350 last minute.

Friendly Staff

I'm sure all the attendes and speakers can agree on how hard the staff worked and how serious they wanted to make this event unique. Thanks @wagento team for all efforts!

Delicious food! (for real, really really good)

We had an awesome lunch with Texan Barbecue and Tacos! Oh my goodness, how I miss that food! By the way, it was already included in ticket.

Strong Magento Staff presence

As Magento Inc. has one of its offices in the city, a considerable amount people of staff were present. I could talk with a lot of them and they were extremelly accessible, willing to talk and friendly.

Few talks

Phillip Jackson giving an exceptional talk about being a developer and overcoming failure fear

Phillip Jackson giving an exceptional talk about being a developer and overcoming failure fear - photo by Sherrie Rohde‏

Max Chadwick speaking about

Max Chadwick speaking about "Imagining A World Without Caching"

Ok, I'll bite, what on earth is a Progressive Web App? by Tom Robertshaw


Yeah, after a long busy day... it's time to party! It took place in a downtown bar rooftoop. What a nice view!

Rooftop view from Hangar Lounge, Austin Downtown - photo by Talesh Seeparsan

Rooftop view from Hangar Lounge, Austin Downtown - photo by Talesh Seeparsan

City Tour

After the conference I spent few days in the city touristing! The temperature was just.. 100ºF (38ºC)!!! #omg!

Texas State Capitol
Texas State Capitol, completed in 1888, contains the offices and chambers of the Texas Legislature and the Office of the Governor
Texas Longhorns Stadium
Texans are crazy for football! At the back it's the Texas Longhorns Stadium, it's capable of seating +100,000 people

Texan Barbecue!!!

Texan Barbecue!!!